Welcome to 澳门国际金莎Joyful Healthy Eats,I'm Krista!I'm so excited that you're here!!

The goal of this blog is to provide you with inspiration,healthy living tips that I use on a daily basis and of course simple healthy recipes that are family friendly.

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Well,I hope you find your new definition of"healthy."I grew up not really knowing what that was for me.I felt like I had to live off of lettuce and air in order to be healthy or that skinny girl in the magazine.从那时起,我接受了80/20的哲学——80%的时间我吃那些为我的身体提供营养的东西,20%的时间我让自己吃我想吃的东西。That means if I want a cookie,一杯酒,or wings and beer on game night with my husband that's what I'm going to do.With no GUILT!!

On 澳门国际金莎Joyful Healthy Eats,你会看到很多简单的家庭健康食谱。Most of my recipes are30 minute meals(because that's all I have time for) all of them are broken down by category (i.e.gluten free,,paleo,vegan,etc.) and have nutritional info.I absolutely LOVE grilling,salad and chocolate so expect to see a few of those.

Coming soon in 2019.Expect to see a healthy living section where we talk essential oils,beauty products and clean house hold items.As well as fitness routines and purchasable meal plans.

即食锅佐帕托斯卡纳汤,香肠味浓郁,bacon,花椰菜和甘蓝。This Zuppa Toscana recipe is low carb,不含乳制品,paleo and keto!It's an Olive Garden Copycat recipe that's guaranteed to be a hit!!


I started 澳门国际金莎Joyful Healthy Eats in 2013 because I loved food,cooking and needed something to do.哈!My son had just turned 9 months old and I wanted to be home with him,but during nap time I needed something to occupy my mind.This blog was born and what a blessing it has been.允许我在家工作,watch my babies grow up and gives me the freedom to work when I choose to work or go to the beach with my husband if I need"太阳时间。”"

I strive to share my heart,my story and my recipes.I like to say that my mission is to"喂饱人们的心脏和肚子。”I'm an open book and truly believe that there is healing in sharing our stories.所以你会读到关于成就的文章,有趣的冒险,然后艰苦的旅程,我们不得不走路——就像我们的4 year journey of infertility.That is why I blog!我做饭是为了吃。哈哈!!


他看见我穿着氨纶衣服,就爱上了我。At least that's the way I like to start the conversation when people ask,"where'd you meet your husband?"And honestly,it's the truth.He came to one of my college volleyball games,to watch his sister play,and met his wife.Although truth be told,在我答应之前,他追了我三年。但是当我这样做的时候,我们知道这是正确的!我们约会了11个月,订婚5个月,got married in Wisconsin and moved to Texas.从那时起,我们就幸福地结了婚,过着疯狂的生活!!

迈克和我在2012年生下了第一个可爱的孩子,他真是个幸运儿。He definitely brings excitement into our lives and has such a tender heart,尽管他是个巧克力迷,经常讨价还价。就像每天晚上!Sheesh!2018,after 4 years of infertility,1 miscarriage and 1 failed IVF treatment we had our rainbow baby.A sweet baby girl who beams joy with a big dimpled filled smile and bright eyes that melt you in seconds.And now our family is complete.

These lovelies are the joy of my life and the reason I do what I do!!


I am a lover of Jesus Christ,and desire to honor Him in all I do and say.

我在中西部长大。Wisconsin to be exact – which mean's I'm a Cheesehead through and through.Although,说实话,我很高兴现在住在得克萨斯州……终于天气暖和,没有大雪了!I do miss the four seasons through.In Texas,我们基本上从绿色变成棕色,there's no in between.

I am absolutely petrified of spiders and STILL have my husband kill them when they are in the house.Anything with 8 legs is just weird!!

我大学时获得了打排球的奖学金,并获得了体育健康与管理的学位。I love working out,it makes me feel sane and balances me.如果我是个坏习惯,我丈夫会说,"when was the last time you worked out."Should I be offended by that or thank him?I'm not sure yet.Haha!!

我开车撞到了一个人。我知道这听起来很糟糕,但是我刚刚拿到了临时驾驶执照,我只开了15英里……那是他的错,he walked in front of me!!!

I LOVE everything about the Fall season.


I live on coffee by day and wine by night,because well… motherhood.🙂


Have questions,thoughts,ideas?Send them my way!I love hearing from you,与读者的联系是食物博客最受欢迎的部分之一。Comment your heart out on my posts,post onFacebook,or email me directly[email protected]你也可以跟随我的冒险和疯狂的家庭生活一款图片分享应用.I'd love to hear from you!!

***如果你喜欢摄影,本页几乎所有的照片都是我那位才华横溢的朋友拍的。Marsais Photography!预定她!She does family,生活方式和婚礼。PS she travels too!***



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  1. 林恩·波瓦利斯兹

    As your mother I can't tell you how proud I am of you,as a Godly woman,妻子,mother and an AWESOME cook.I taught you the basics but you have taken it to another level of healthy and excellence.你对家人的爱和希望他们吃健康食品表明,除非你知道他们吃得对,否则你将不择手段。I feel anyone who follows you will be blessed with Love and Healthy recipes.
    I love you and happy blogging
    MOM 🙂

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